Our brand colors have been carefully curated to balance our updated visual identity system. The color breakdowns defined here are meant to capture the purest intent of our palette, allowing a consistent relationship across digital and printed applications.

University Colors

Our university colors represent South Dakota Mines at the highest level.

Mines Navy

PMS: 655 C
CMYK: 100 / 79 / 12 / 59
RGB: 0 / 37 / 84
HEX: #002554

Mines Old Gold

PMS: 4515 C
PMS Metallic: 8383 C
CMYK: 13 / 19 / 62 / 28
RGB: 179 / 163 / 105
HEX: #B3A369

Notes about Mines Old Gold: Gold foil should be used in print applications where budget allows. The use of metallic ink may also be appropriate. PantoneĀ® 8383C (a premium metallic) is preferred, but 871C is acceptable when 8383C is unavailable. When using metallic foils, the closest available match to Mines Old Gold should be selected.


CMYK: 0 / 0 / 0 / 0
RGB: 255 / 255 / 255

Accent Brand Colors

Our vibrant accent palette brings intensity and youthfulness to the visual brand. Use these colors sparingly. They should never be used for body text or headlines. Do not use Malachite Green with the Mines Old Gold.

Malachite Green

PMS: 381 C
CMYK: 18 / 0 / 99 / 0
RGB: 206 / 220 / 0
HEX: #cedc00

Mines Blue

PMS: 7684 C
CMYK: 85 / 62 / 0 / 0
RGB: 56 / 94 / 157
HEX: #385E9D

Neutral Brand Colors

Our neutral palette adds balance to our strong color palette. Use tints of these colors at 30%, 50% and 75% to further expand the neutral palette.

PMS: Black 6 C
RGB: 16.24.32
HEX: #101820

PMS: Cool Gray 9 C
RGB: 117.120.123
HEX: #75787B

PMS: Cool Gray 4 C
RGB: 187.188.188

PMS: Cool Gray 1C
RGB: 217.217.214
HEX: #D9D9D9

RGB: 237.237.237

Color Usage Guidelines

Color Palette Guide

The South Dakota Mines brand utilizes the 60-30-10 rule to achieve a consistent use of color and a well-balanced layout. 30% of the design uses the Mines Navy and Mines blue colors to provide a dark, rich base. 60% of the design uses hues from our neutral color palette to balance the deep blues. As an accent, the 10% utilizes the Mines Old Gold.

Color Palette Guide with Secondary Accent Colors

Unapproved Usage

Don’t use green and gold together.
Don’t use colors outside of our defined palette.
Don’t use gold as a primary color.