Student Organizations

There are more than 100 student organizations at South Dakota Mines. The following guidelines will assist groups in knowing the allowable ways to affiliate with the university.

Student groups are able to affiliate with South Dakota Mines in so much as:

  1. The student group identifies as a student-based organization not to be confused with a University department, program, or initiative.
  2. The student group conforms to the guidelines herein and does not infringe on South Dakota Mines registered trademarks, athletic brand, or intellectual property.

Student Organization Logos and Visual Identity

Student organizations may identify with South Dakota Mines

Option 1:  Use the approved lockup framework which includes the university logo combined with the organization name and specified font.

Option 2:  Create a unique visual identity for your organization.


All orders must be placed with a licensed vendor for merchandise such as shirts, hats, signage, marketing materials, etc. Please work with the Rocker Shop to place your order or work with any of our licensed vendors.

Plan ahead! Due to supply chain issues please allow a minimum of 6-8 weeks to receive your order.


Use of the approved lockup design, which includes the M logo.  Request this lockup from the Marketing & Communications department.


*Math Club logo created for demonstration purposes.

Graphic embellishments are not
permitted in this format.

Does not include “South Dakota Mines”
or appropriate affiliation.


Create a unique visual identity for your organization.


If the organization name is not incorporated into the logo design, it should be added underneath the graphic to identify the club as a student-based organization.

If a South Dakota Mines logo is contained within the logo design (as demonstrated above), the university logo should be a smaller and less dominant secondary element in the visual hierarchy while maintaining appropriate clear space.

Further, organizations should include the words “South Dakota Mines” along with or as part of the organization’s name to enhance affiliation with the university (e.g., “Math Club at South Dakota Mines” or “South Dakota Mines Fly Fishing Club”).

Allowed for Use (must use a licensed vendor)



Student organizations are allowed to use the Mines Navy, Mines Old Gold, White, Mines Blue and Neutral colors. Student organizations may not use Malachite Green. Click here for more color information.

Not Allowed for Use

The use of the primary Grubby logo is limited to Athletics and the Rocker Shop and is no longer available for use by student organizations.

When using our name, please refer to us as South Dakota Mines. Do not use variations or abbreviations of any kind e.g., SDM, Tech, SD Mines, SDSM&T, SDSMT.

Merchandise Purchases

All student organization merchandise that uses university trademarked logos, wordmarks, or names must be ordered through licensed vendors. It is recommended that you reach out to the Rocker Shop for your apparel and merchandise needs, whether they use the university branded marks or not. They work with various vendors to get you the best price for your items, and as a licensed organization they ensure that the brand is used properly. By using the Rocker Shop your organization helps support services for all students.

We encourage all student organizations to send their logos and artwork to Marketing & Communications for review and approval BEFORE they place their merchandise orders, this will speed up the ordering process. Email