Our Name

Official Naming References

The university’s official name is South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, as indicated in the state constitution. Because it was shortened in various inconsistent ways, when the university rebranded in 2020 the official shortened name became South Dakota Mines. The use of “Mines” may be used as a second or third reference. Furthermore, the use of SDM will remain as an approved abbreviation for the university to be used only when an abbreviation is required or when space is limited within a document field.

Full name – South Dakota School of Mines & Technology:

The full name is not to be used unless it is for official documentation. Use the full name as first reference, South Dakota Mines in second reference, and SDM in subsequent references. 

Official documents include:

  • Contracts
  • Research grant applications
  • Memorandum of Understanding
  • Diplomas
  • University policies
  • Faculty publications
  • Human Resources documentation
  • Letters of recommendation for students

Shortened name – South Dakota Mines:

Use South Dakota Mines in any non-official documentation, such as recruitment, marketing, presentations, and PR pieces. Use South Dakota Mines on first reference and Mines in subsequent references.

Abbreviation – SDM:

Use SDM in places where an abbreviation is required, or a document field has minimal space.

Do Not Use:

Please refrain from using other variations or abbreviations, such as:

  • School of Mines
  • Tech
  • SD Mines
  • SDSM&T
  • SMD