Department Lockups

It is strongly recommended that academic and administrative departments (and their divisions) use the lockups below to maintain brand perception and stream communications for the external audience (the customer).

For example, Human Resources does not need its own brand, nor does it need a unique logo. The mission of that department, as with all departments, is to advance the South Dakota Mines brand through the excellent service and experience it provides.

When a department or division differentiates itself from the university’s brand, it dilutes the effectiveness of the established brand equity and creates confusion. From an external perspective, all departments and divisions should be perceived as part of the overarching university brand system.

Examples of Approved Departmental and Division Lockups

Internal Use

An on-brand typeface should always be used when department names appear in internal communications pieces.

Typeset the department name in our display font, Matrix II, regular weight, title-case. The text should wrap for long names, using a balanced layout as a guide for the width. Abbreviations are not advised.


External Use

When using department names externally, pair the university name and logomark with the department name for a department lockup. Depending on the length of the unit name, it may appear on one line or two.

Please request your department lockup from Marketing.

Two-line Department Name
One-line Department Name
Two-line Department Name – White
One-line Department Name – White