SDSM&T Forges a New Path Forward as South Dakota Mines

From Rapid Tech to SD Mines, our university has gone by a number of different names throughout the years. One thing that’s always remained constant, however, is our commitment to advancing the frontier of innovation through world-class STEM education.

Now, we’re launching a bold new chapter in our school’s history with a new name—South Dakota Mines—and a refreshed visual identity that will help us better share our story with prospective students, university alumni, industry partners and the greater Rapid City community.

Rest assured, our new brand has been thoughtfully crafted to support, not supplant, the unique and time-honored traditions that define our school’s legacy. M Hill and the Memorial Arch will continue to be an important part of our campus culture, as will freshman beanies, senior hats and, of course, Grubby.

We invite you to explore our updated brand guidelines and learn more about the story behind our new logo.

A Modern Mark That Celebrates Our Evolution

Our new logo is a contemporary reimagining of our classic M and is inspired by the transformational story behind South Dakota Mines from a mining school to a top-tier engineering and science university. This mark has a sense of calculated movement that is at the core of what it means to be on the frontier of innovation.

Borrowing the historic, yet timeless, blacklettering of the university’s official seal, our new mark conveys a sense of calculated movement, with lines that transition from thick to thin, and precise notched corners that evoke a sense of progressive curiosity.